Labour Management

Intermarine UK is a specialist provider of skilled personnel across shipbuilding, ship repair and heavy fabrication industries. Our projects include:

  • Marine:
    • Military new build ship construction projects
    • Military Ship repair
    • Commercial ship build, ship repair and conversion projects
    • Modular ship construction and assembly,
  • Energy:
    • Offshore wind transportation grillage manufacture and installation
    • Vessel mobilisations across Offshore Oil & Gas and Wind Industry

Our networks across international pools of labour support the provision of:

  • Welders, Platers and Fabricators:
    • MiG (GMAW), TiG (GTAW), Stick (SMAW), Flux Core (FCAW)
    • Including codings across Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and other specialist materials
  • Pipe & Mechanical Fitters
  • Joiners, Carpenters, Marine Electricians and Cable Pullers
    • Our specialists are shipyard assured, tested and proven tradespeople

Our global teams work across the UK, Europe and Americas, including shipyards in Germany, Spain, Norway and North America.

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