Project Partnerships

Intermarine UK is trusted by its clients to help deliver their strategically important projects. Our collaborative approach and meticulous attention to detail means that our project teams integrate seamlessly into different organisations, supporting efficient delivery.

White Collar Management Expertise:

By working with project and programme management experts from across different infrastructure industries, Intermarine UK delivers best practice throughout project build, commissioning and handover stages. From Project Managers through to Cost, Commerical & Contract Managers, Planners, Designers and Project Engineers, our organisation can support complex projects from concept through to final delivery.

Independent supply chain management:

Successful delivery of complex projects depends on the ability to adapt to emergent scopes of work through the delivery period. Doing, so means working closely with local suppliers to support installation activities.

Data analytics for full transparency: 

By utilising the latest cloud technology, Intermarine UK supports the management of projects through the accurate capture, analysis and presentation of data across the Project lifecycle. In doing so, complete transparency on resource planning, build efficiency and progress monitoring can be delivered to our clients, supporting yard leadership to make informed decisions with accurate information.

Reduced Interfaces:

Traditional subcontracting introduces handover interfaces on completion of work packages which, as projects grow in size and complexity increases time and cost. By working inside client yards and utilising the Yard’s own Completion Management System (CMS), interfaces are reduced and streamlined. This negates the need for lengthy handover periods as, supported by Intermarine UK’s approach to Data Analytics, project leaders have full transparency on overall progress throughout the build period.